Beyond Pleasure

" Once you've mastered the art of relaxing into complete and absolute fulfillment of blissful flow of sexual energy and orgasmic experiences, you'll find the real depth."

Our minds are wired to seek pleasure and avoid suffering by nature. The majority of our lives are spent engaging in things that provide us with pleasure while avoiding activities that we consider to be uncomfortable. Despite being scientifically logical, this does not encompass the entirety of life. Life is full of changes and Death is a part of life. The eternal cycle of manifestation and creation in light and dark, are just complementary at the end of the day.


Life is similar to sex. It has its ups and downs, as well as its joys. For that reason, just as we would like to comprehend the depths of life, we must learn and understand the depths of sex. Therefore, it is beneficial to shift your perspective so that you are not pursuing your personal pleasure in sex, that you are not chasing an unfulfilled desire, or that you are not being overpowered by uncontrollable sexual energy. The concept of sex is to accept it in all of its complexity.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying oneself, and there should be no physical discomfort in sex. Once you've mastered the art of relaxing into complete and absolute fulfillment of blissful flow of sexual energy and orgasmic experiences, you'll find the real depth. This first powerful energy, but not being attached to our ego's limited desire for self-gratification, but offering it instead to something beyond our boundaries.


Attachment to immortality is possible through detachment from the pleasures of the ego. Instead of being controlled by our physical cravings and the results of our sexual act, we should become attached to our partner, which goes beyond the rewards of our sexual act. Offer your desire, love, dedication, sexual energy, openness, and flow to something higher, something beyond, your own essence, your soul, this deep, sometimes neglected region within us that we forget with our strong ego's desires and mind. Relax in this stillness beyond pleasure. This is Adam and Eve's Garden of Eden. We only fall out if we desire the forbidden fruit of sexual activity; however, if we are prepared to let go of the fruit, we can return to paradise.

The work begins to go beyond pleasure once you have acquired pleasure. To delve further. These manifestations of human limitations, as well as the daily reality of human limitations, can be seen and used as tools for going beyond unlimited perfection.

We must let go in order to achieve this. Allow yourself to relax. And then let go. This necessitates faith. This necessitates focusing on the current moment and letting go of concerns about the past and future. Trust your gut instincts. Choosing love over fear in the face of the unknown.

We always say no to something else when we say yes to something. We say no to the soul when we say yes to the ego. By letting go of judgment and falling into surrender, worship, dedication, and service, you can reconnect with your soul. The urge to obtain peak pleasure is driven by our ego; this can be used as a platform, but not as a destination. The destination is beyond the horizon.

Now it's time to get real pleasure and let go of our egos. Karoline is a passionate international teacher sharing years of in-depth experience about sexuality as the source of life from which we are born. She will help you to awaken your full potential, achieve benefits from life and defeat suffering with pleasure. Different Karoline’s courses such as Yoni yoga, Awakening Female Pleasure, Tantra Yoga and many others are available on the OmidLife platform.  She shares strategies to help you connect to your own essence, blossom, sparkle, and radiate!