How To "Be In Love" With Everything Around Us

"Being in love can change your vision about things."

We all know “LOVE IS BLIND”. 

But is it literally blind or it’s just a famous phrase?

Well diving deep into the realm of love you find out that love is literally blind.

Love is independent of all divisions, castes, colors, languages, or anything that divides us.

Being in love generally alludes to the intense sentiments that arise at the beginning such as happiness, enthusiasm, and apprehension that ultimately fade out with time. Now the actual question is “What do you think love is?” ”How do you perceive love?”

Is what Anna supposed of her true love in Frozen, your perception of love? Or what Bruce Wayne feels for his Gotham city and people is love? How do you define love!

Well, we define love as a feeling of happiness, completeness, cheerfulness, carefulness, fearlessness, and openness. And we believe that love is not restricted to a person. You can love your surroundings as much as you can love another human being, your lawn, your bicycle, your work, your routine, even your memories - human beings are capable of loving anything and everything. 

Therefore, saying love changes you is not a lie. You feel the difference in yourself. Following are some changes you feel being in love.

Everything Is Different

Being in love can change your vision about things. It alters your perspective on life. You can feel excitement and fun in each and everything. Even mundane tasks can be more enjoyable when you are in love.

Teaches Sacrifices

Love teaches you to make sacrifices. As empathy and affection grow you want to do more for your surroundings. You try to help everyone around you even by giving a little smile.

Being in love with everything around you is an attitude of willingness to go to any extent to spread happiness.

Becoming Confident

You feel more comfortable being yourself when you understand love. You become the best version of yourself. Because love also teaches you to take care of yourself. You may not be perfect but you would be the ideal version of yourself. As you only spread happiness if you are truly happy.

Accept The Good In The Midst Of The Bad

Another very attractive trait that grows within you because of love is optimism.  You find good in every situation. You start accepting things around you. You can even accept things with less than good.

Strong Sense Of Bonding

Love creates a sense of strong connection and trust. You learn to bond with others. You feel connected to everything around you. You feel love for all beings, nature, and animals even for the smallest of things around you. 

Above mentioned benefits of being in love pointed out that love plays an important role in leading a happy and successful life. One’s self-esteem and sense of well-being could be enhanced through love. And it can be a shortcut to achieving true happiness in life. Moreover, it helps to understand others and helps them get through difficult situations. 

You can achieve happiness and love when you start practicing small changes in your routine life. Starting with self-love. First of all, you have to love yourself. when you feel your heart is full of love, only then would you be able to spread it to others. Self-love includes personal care as well as some healthy habits that change your daily life. Once you learn them you become a giver, a doer and everything feels fresh and cool around you.

Here are a few steps that would help you to be in love with everything around you.


Meditation is an excellent approach to finding your foundation. It helps to keep your body relaxed and calm. Meditation is really helpful when life is difficult and the mind is wandering. It is very easy to include in daily life, everyone can do it for 10 to 15 mins.  All you have to do is find a peaceful and comfortable place, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. If you need any start and maintain a fixed routine then get started with Omidlife meditation courses. They have the best teachers to help you find your way toward a happy life. Meditation, as your own wellness advocate, can provide you with unlimited benefits. So make sure to dedicate some time to calm your mind every day.

Good Food

Food plays a very important role in a healthy body and mind concept but we usually neglect it. Consumption of good and healthy food improves the immune system and enhances the energy of the body. Consequently, a healthy body has a healthy mind. You can only achieve your life goals if your body is healthy.

Ask For Help

Everyone goes through some difficult times in life. There would be trauma, loss, pain, and suffering. It might be difficult to be vulnerable and ask for help but normalize asking for help. The help you need from others is one of the best ways to get through a difficult situation. Try to understand that everyone needs help at some point in life. Consider it a gift if you have someone to share your burden with.

Surround Yourself With Joy

You can spread happiness and joy if you have that vibe. For that, you should create a lovely environment that creates positivity and peace. Try to avoid toxic people, places, and media. Try to spend your time doing things that make you happy. Surround yourself with positive people, relax more, and stay close to nature.

Be Grateful

Try to make it morning and nighttime routine to reflect on all the things you are grateful for. It increases self-esteem and makes you feel more content. Moreover, it makes us less crazy in our pursuit of the latest trends of happiness.

Help Others 

When you feel love for others, you will naturally want to serve others. Helping others has tremendous power. It improves someone's life, and the feeling you get from doing so will motivate you to do more good in the world. As it expands and develops, everyone who is affected by it, including you, will be happy.

Follow Your Passion

You should know your passion. Your passion should be positive and good for others too. If you don’t know what you want then focus on what you think about the most. You will get ultimate peace by following your passion. Having passion-relevant occupations or interests is a key component of living a happy life.


You must have heard “sharing is caring”.  Sharing can be of any type such as love, empathy, wealth, help assistance, encouragement, knowledge, or anything. sharing, whether in the form of tangible goods or a kind word, is incredibly beneficial. It's a win-win situation. If you're ready to share, you’ll definitely reap the benefits of love and affection from others. 

Be Kind

Our world is full of people who say they "love" everyone, yet harm others in the process. Be kind to people, animals, and nature. Be kind, loving, fair, and treat others as you wish to be treated.

Slow Down

The world we live in is very fast-paced. Don't rush through your day, enjoy the special moments, and take care of yourself. Practice slowing down in your daily routine.

Eat slowly. You should sit down at the table without distractions every time you eat. Try chewing slowly and tasting what you eat. You will feel so much better after following this simple practice.

Breathe. Take a few minutes to breathe now and then during your day. Relax your body for a few moments and take 10 deep breaths. Before you begin your daily tasks, take some time to refocus and recenter yourself.

Rest. Allow yourself to take care of your body if you are feeling tired or drained. You should go to bed early so that your body can rest. In addition to carrying us through every facet of our lives, our bodies also require our attention and love. Rest properly and you will feel refreshed and energetic. 

Final Takeaway, With Love!

Being kind, compassionate, generous, and grateful in life are some of the most important requirements for living a happy and fulfilled life. Once you have all these you will further spread it in the community. Life would be very simple and easy once you know how to live it to the fullest. The best feeling is when you are the reason for someone else’s happiness.