How to Control 5 Elements of Nature?

"The five elements theory is a universal phenomenon. It can be found in Greek, Japanese, Babylonian, and many other traditions. "

There are five basic elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air, and space. Everything in nature is made up of these five elements. And with these 5 elements of nature in the core, our body is a representation of the entire creation. You can regulate and enhance the system of the body by taking these elements into control. There are several ways of doing so. But yoga is considered the most effective way of understanding the laws of nature. All yoga practices work on these 5 elements of nature. So understanding the 5 elements of nature is a prerequisite for practicing advanced yoga. This will help you achieve increased health, power, knowledge, wisdom, and happiness. 

Today we will learn how to achieve and sustain better health by deliberately working with these elements. So let's dive in, but first, let's do some groundwork.

What Are The Elements of Nature?

The five elements theory is a universal phenomenon. It can be found in Greek, Japanese, Babylonian, and many other traditions. With some changes based on linguistics, the 5 elements of space are as follows. 

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Space

Each of the 5 elements of space represents a different state of matter. Everything solid in nature comes under the category of Earth. Similarly, water encompasses everything that is in liquid form while air is all about gas. 

The basic idea and properties of these elements of nature remain the same in every culture and tradition. However, their relation to the natural events and the formation of our world vary from culture to culture. The concepts are usually deeply entwined with local mythology and religion. That's why these elements are also sometimes personified as divine deities.

Regardless of the popularity of these elements, it is important to emphasize that modern science does not support the idea of the five natural elements as the foundation of our planet. Rather, science claims the atomic theory. According to this, all the things in our universe are made up of tiny subunits called atoms. However, these elements hold a primary position in the Yoga and Ayurvedic world and are considered the basics for gaining control over your body and mind. 

So let's look at the characteristics given to the five elements of our body and how they relate to your yoga practice.


Soothing and relaxing are two words that pop up in the mind when you think about the element Earth. It governs the energy of bones, muscles, and tissues. The element Earth also has a role in inflammations and infections. Considering this element also helps in keeping the ego in check.

Consequences of Imbalance of Element “Earth”

The imbalance of the Earth element manifests as general body weakness, bone loss, obesity, cholesterol, quick weight loss and gain, and muscle soreness.

How to Strengthen It?

Try to feel gratitude in your heart for the Earth as it supports so many different forms of life. Touching the ground with your forehead is a great way of keeping yourself grounded and grateful. Concentrate on deep breathing. Always feel your feet on the ground. Keep in touch with the physical sensations of walking, standing, or sitting on the ground at least once a day.

Practice yoga, martial arts, or other forms of exercise that help you connect to Mother Earth.


The element “Water” is defined by its ability to flow, adapt, and bind substances together. It has unique healing properties that nourish and sustain the human body. It regulates blood and other physiological fluids and it is linked to health issues such as joint pain.

Consequences of Imbalance of Element “Water”

Excess mucus, a cold, sinusitis, gland swelling, tissue edema, blood thinning, or blood clotting are all signs of an imbalance of the water element in the body.

How to Strengthen It?

Although this would appear to be a straightforward task, many of us are dehydrated to some extent.  So make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. 

The water element regulates emotions. So it's critical to allow your emotions to flow freely like water. Learn to accept and respect your entire range of emotions without categorizing them as good or bad and negative or positive.

Express yourself. Try to talk about your feelings and emotions to someone who you trust or feel close to. Practice being sensitive to other people's sentiments while listening. Become more introspective and pay attention to your body. Concentrate on replenishing your supplies. Make an effort to swim. It's a great way to relax and cure the body and mind. 


Air is an element of communication and self-expression. Breathing, neurological impulses, and movement are all controlled by this element. It influences the human ability to love and care for others.

Consequences of Imbalance of Element “Air”

Skin dryness, blood pressure issues, lung abnormalities, dry cough, bloating, constipation, lethargy, insomnia, muscular spasms, depression, and other symptoms may result.

How to Strengthen It?

Make a conscious effort to get up early in order to complete all of the morning tasks. Try to take a morning walk or any other form of outdoor exercise to fill your lungs, eyes, and ears with the clarity and calm of the morning breeze. 

Practice a session of meditation, prayer, or yoga to strengthen the feeling of tranquility. Avoid caffeine or any other stimulants as much as you can. Take time to eat carefully and don't miss meals. Spend some time with nature and set up a daily routine that is stable, quiet, and peaceful.


The element of Fire functions as a cleansing element. It helps in burning away toxins and impurities and keeps diseases at bay. It is a source of heat and power. It also symbolizes confidence and bravery. However, an excessive fire might manifest as rage or hatred.

Consequences of Imbalance of Element “Fire”

An imbalance of fire can result in fever, skin disorders such as inflammation, excessive perspiration, hyper-acidity, delayed digestion, toxins in the body, and diabetes.

How to Strengthen It?

Sit in the sun and let the rays touch your skin. Have gratitude for the non-stop supply of energy in the form of the Sun throughout the day. Use scented candles. Bring warm colors and lights into your home. Wear warm colors. Get rid of your pessimism and learn to see the positive side of every situation. Look for appropriate ways to expend nervous energy.

Go swimming. It is a fantastic way to calm the Fire element and keep it under check.


Space acts as a container for all of the other elements. It can be frigid in the absence of fire, dry in the absence of water, immobile in the absence of air, or light in the absence of heavy soil. Because it is the space between all the other elements, it is omnipresent.

Consequences of Imbalance of Element “Space”

Thyroid issues, throat problems, speech disorders, epilepsy, mania, and ear ailments are some of the symptoms of the imbalance of the Space element.

How to Strengthen It?

Make an effort to surround yourself with blue. This element is connected with this color.

Sit calmly in meditation or prayer and absorb the vastness of Space. Connect with the Universe and feel its tranquil. Try to discover and learn new things.

Concentrate on the sensation of hearing, whether it's for talks, responses, or natural sounds. Spend some time with books, movies, and visuals that interest you. Take Life's bigger purpose and rhythm into consideration and contemplate it.

Some Final Words, 

Understanding the 5 elements of space is very important to practicing higher levels of yoga and tantra. Make some effort into getting knowledge about nature and control your being with this understanding. OmidLife is a holistic platform that offers various courses on yoga and tantra. These courses are conducted by experts and practitioners around the globe. Joining these courses will help you to enhance your lifestyle and achieve your personal and professional goals.