Hunger For Love

"When we are optimistic and kind, we have the power to influence those around us."

"Those, who are the hardest to love, need it the most" - Socrates.

The science of yoga asserts we live in Kali Yuga when spiritual values have sunk to their lowest levels while negative energies have amplified.

I believe that individuals today have a strong desire for love. Physical hunger in the Western world has decreased significantly compared to our forefathers' faith, and a large portion of the population has largely abandoned the practice. The desire for love, on the other hand, has skyrocketed.

Recently, I watched a documentary called "Swedish theory of love." In conclusion, they mentioned an example of a Swedish doctor who relocated to Eritrea from Sweden. According to him, Sweden is a rich country, but its people are spiritually poor, and that is why their suffering is worse than Eritrea's material poverty but spiritual abundance.

The richness of spirit or soul extends beyond love. When we speak of love, we are talking about the level of awareness connected with the Anahata, or heart chakra. There are higher frequencies and levels of consciousness, yet discussing love is more practical and approachable these days because the concept is closer and more understandable to our level of consciousness in the kali yuga era and our next step towards this level of consciousness here on Earth. Of course, the voyage continues until you arrive, but that isn't the point here.

The word "love" is a big one. I'm not talking about whether you have a romantic partner, whether you believe your parents love you, whether you love your children, or if you have a loving circle of friends. Instead, I am referring to a lack of social connection.

I'm referring to the love that exists within you. I'm referring to a state that you go through. We do not view things as they are but rather as we are. We can only contribute what we have within us. It is a lack of love if you witness anger, hostility, or enormity in the world and then descend to the same frequency and start expressing it yourself. It's a scream for help, its anguish, and its suffering. And I'm not talking about wearing rose-colored glasses and maintaining a positive "keep smiling" attitude as if everything is fine. This frequently leads to self-deception rather than love, and despite the outward grin, the inner agony endures.

Let me tell you about an event in my life. A few years ago, I was with my family in a restaurant, my grandfather abruptly made an angry and rude remark about the vegetarian dinner I had ordered. I felt bewildered, hurt, and offended. But, because of my yoga practice, I was able to examine the scene after being hit by the initial negative frequency coming toward me and affecting me. I witnessed how terrible it was for my grandfather; his health was deteriorating, he was aching everywhere, he felt awful and wrong, and he was filled with so much suffering and pain that the only way he could relieve it was to burst it out. Then he started to feel a little better.

How to React to Hostility?

The very first thing to keep in mind is that the deeds of others determine their karma. Your reaction reveals a lot about you. I'll share a couple of personal inspirational anecdotes from my life before I began my yoga studies.

During my university years, I lived and studied in London. I had a Nigerian partner with me. He had been physically beaten as a youngster since he did not have the favor of his stepmother. The stepmother used the traditional punishment of cutting wounds on his skin and sprinkling chili powder on top. He still had the scars. His father brought him to London as a teenager. Still, when he expressed an interest in studying music instead of accounting, his father disowned him and abandoned the 13-year-old child on the streets of London, cutting him off from all sources of support and contact. I recall a time when, in my opinion, he was treated incredibly unfairly at work. My first thought was, "Why don't you fight against them?". That's unfair! This is so wrong!". Among the most inspiring teachings in my life was his reply, "Even if everyone else in the world does terrible things, I will always do good."

After graduation, I moved to Spain. I first traveled there as part of a volunteer initiative, then worked for a while before starting an unpaid voluntary internship with the United Nations Refugee Agency. Since I received no compensation for the work, I eventually ran out of money. I only had one credit card that I hadn't yet maxed up, so I could still fall deeper into debt. At that time, I met with a Cuban man who was well aware that I do volunteer work and rely on the small amount of credit that the bank still provides. He contacted me one day and asked if I could lend him money since his father had died and wanted to fly to the funeral right away. I drew everything I had from my card and handed it over to him. I had 5 euros left in my wallet. He stated that he would repay the money the next day. I didn't get it the next day, or even a month later, or even ever. He had been promising for months that he would return it. I believed him, and I told all of my friends that I knew he was a nice person deep inside. 

Everybody is. Really.

My naiveté amused my friends. After about a half-year, I realized that he is a thief who tells this narrative regularly to defraud money. He had promised to meet with me numerous times, and he had never shown up, even when I had arranged it into my schedule. I was saddened at times, thinking to myself, "Is it possible that someone with such ill intents exists?" I felt a wave of unpleasant feelings wash over me, and I wanted vengeance.

I ended up at one healer and told her that I didn't know how to handle my unfavorable feelings against this person. "Do you comprehend how big is the lack of love within this young man for him to behave this way?" said the healer. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for life, my parents, and the fact that my life had been filled with so much love and had been so great that I didn't have to make choices that caused others to suffer. I left the healer overwhelmed with compassion for the young man; I wished I could hold him, hug him, and lavish him with the affection he so sorely needed. He was going through a lot more than I was.


Forgiveness is one of the most strong acts. Many great masters emphasize forgiveness as one of the most powerful and significant disciplines. According to Buddha, every time we forgive, a small piece of evil vanishes from the Earth. As a result, forgiveness is our responsibility. "Ho'oponopono," one of the most powerful healing methods in Hawaiian tradition, brings forth four primary themes. "Please accept my apologies; I thank you and love you."

Milarepa is considered to be one of Tibet's most enlightened gurus. He grew up in an affluent family, but once his father died, his relatives, including his mother and siblings, took everything from him and reduced him to slave status. Milarepa's mother desired vengeance and asked her son to carry it out. Milarepa studied black magic and used it to murder 35 relatives. He subsequently came to a profound realization of his wrongdoing and dedicated himself entirely to the spiritual path. Even though he had committed such a terrible act, he had to go through a lot of pain to cleanse his karma. On the other hand, Milarepa has stated that of all the teachers and gurus along his journey, he is most grateful to his family who mistreated him as a child because it was through this traumatic occurrence that he developed such a solid and tenacious desire to attain enlightenment.

How Do You Get to Your Heart's Love?

I'm grateful to yoga and tantra teachings for assisting me on my quest to experience a sense of love. I'm occasionally asked if I believe that everyone should practice yoga. 

I would say no, definitely not.

On the other hand, everyone could find a way to awaken their hearts to alleviate pain.

The critical point is to discover your inner condition. Suffering becomes compassion when you are in a state of love. It's always beneficial to be able to accept constructive criticism, but it's not your obligation to absorb other people's negative energies like wrath, fear, or animosity. This is their lack of love, and it is essential to recognize it, feel compassion for them, and show them, darling. Pray for them to be able to find relief. Pray for them to be blessed.

Simultaneously, we must be honest with ourselves and watchful on the spiritual road to avoid artificial positivity or self-deception. A tree is known for its fruits. Do you react like everyone else in a difficult situation, exploding in rage, hate, and revenge? Has your chosen spiritual practice truly awakened deep love within you?

As a result, it's critical to discover this situation within. On the spiritual path, we may make some significant lifestyle changes at first:

  • White sugar is replaced by raw chocolate.
  • Alcohol is replaced by kombucha.
  • A nightclub is replaced by ecstatic dance.
  • Devotional songs replace pop music.
  • Every day sexual activity is replaced by tao or tantric sexuality.

Yes, these choices are more harmonic from a health standpoint, and we may feel happier and healthier at some point. It is important to note, however, that our mind's method for seeking enjoyment from outside sources remains the same. You're still reliant on the outside world, perhaps in a healthy way, but your overall state remains the same. Has there been an internal change to a higher frequency? Take note, be honest with yourself, and if you can't see yourself, ask someone else, someone you can trust to give you objective criticism.

My Morning Practice 

In the mornings, I listen to Snatam Kaur's song "Servant of Peace," and on my altar is a St Francis peace prayer.

As a yoga teacher, you are a servant of Higher Consciousness, a servant to the people. That's why I say to every reader, sincerely, from my heart, "You are wonderful. I'm nobody."

May all beings be peaceful.   

May all beings be happy.   

May all beings be well.   

May all beings be safe.   

May all beings be free from suffering.

Practice Yoga for Love 

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