Magic Button for Instant Orgasms

"Women go through different changes mentally and physically. So it's important that they have a connection with themselves."

At the end of an 8-hour workshop where I shared with women the ins and outs of my personal orgasmic journey, its ups, and downs, and underwent many hours of various practices and exercises, analyzing psychological factors, attitudes, and programming, with the aim of reconnecting to feminine essence, sensuality, and sexuality, a woman asked me, "So how do you get these instant orgasms?

I was a little perplexed.

Reading through all of the course feedback, where people freely shared their experiences, I came across another similar comment, where a woman stated her interest in learning a precise area to push to obtain these quick orgasms.

So I started to notice that this is a common occurrence when I'm asked how I'm able to have such fast orgasms, what's the trick, what's the technique?

We have been accustomed to quick solutions in this fast-paced world. If you have a headache, you take a pill and it disappears! Almost immediately. You are hungry and go out to eat, but we become upset when the meal takes longer than expected. We become irritated when a web page does not load quickly enough. We've grown accustomed to the need to have everything right now, without having to exert any effort on our own. To be happy, we should be doing things we love and enjoy, so the word effort is negative. Enjoy. 

Besides, we don't have time to put up the effort to investigate something in depth because our minds are enchanted by the diversity and endless possibilities of so much to discover. It can also be tedious for the mind to focus on one thing for an extended period of time since it is eager to move on to the next attraction, which is even more colorful and gleaming, which it hasn't seen or experienced before.

Women who see instant orgasms likewise want to have them right now, very now. They are unsure which button to hit in order to get this rapid gratification.

I'm not implying that this isn't a possibility. The only boundaries we have are those we impose on ourselves. I also received feedback from a woman who shared that she was rather closed in terms of her sexual experience before taking the course and that after taking it, she had 7 orgasms the same night, and that all she needed to do was allow herself to let go of the limiting beliefs that she couldn't let go of.

The other half of the reality is that I have no answer to the question, "What is the technique?" What is the function of the mysterious button? Practice, practice, and practice have been the magic button and techniques for me. It's been a long road. It's been a roller coaster ride. It has had lovely beginnings, euphoric states, and fearful closures, as well as fears of being touched. I'm still on a long and winding road that will never finish. It doesn't have a magic button that says "I'm ready now." What I know is how to get in touch with my feminine side. This took a long time. This required a lot of practice. The practice is still going on. The work is still going on. The ups and downs are still going on. The education process continues. The magic button is to appreciate life in its whole, to cherish the journey, to never lose hope, to devote oneself to practice, and to keep going, rather than forcing oneself to "have to do," but rather to bring being into one's doing. Being and connecting with your true self.

Women go through different changes mentally and physically. So it's important that they have a connection with themselves. Yoni Yoga helps women to enhance their connections with themselves. In order for the soul to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, it must also communicate with its most intimate components. In my opinion, women can give themselves time and space by doing Yoni yoga. They Make contact with the most private portions of your body, strengthen their pelvic floor muscles,  have stronger orgasms, and get rid of any trauma of the womb.

My complete Yoni Yoga course is now available to all women out there at OmidLife. Subscribe today to the platform, join the course and start the journey to connect with yourself.