The Pursuit of Happiness in the Spiritual World, Is It Achievable? Is It Doing More Damage Than Benefits?

"You can achieve happiness in spirituality, it is just the best version of yourself. Anyone can be Spiritually aware. Spirituality is expressed exclusively by an individual's incorporation of their powerful strength."

The first thing that sprang to me when I heard "spirituality" was "my inner self." Spirituality may also be defined as a relationship with GOD. When we deconstruct the term spirituality, we get the word spirit, which signifies soul. The foundation of everything is in our living soul. 

Throughout history, on all continents, and among all peoples, shamans, healers, and sages say there are three main aspects to human spirituality: relationships, values, and life purpose. It can be challenging to separate these three components from one another due to their close integration. 

Spirituality is sometimes considered a part of religious beliefs, but it represents a much broader concept. It is unnecessary to use both terms interchangeably or consider them mutually exclusive. If we imagine two circles overlapping, one is your religion and your spirituality. The area where those two circles overlap represents the individual experience that affects how we think, feel, and behave.

In a broader context, spirituality is defined as the conviction that there is something greater than myself, a more wondrous totality to which we all belong and that being human exceeds sensory experience.

Let'sLet's just dig deep into the concept of spirituality and examine how our happiness is affected by our spirituality.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality comprises a sense of belonging to something greater than oneself and a search for meaning in life. It is a universal human experience that has an impact on everyone. It entails understanding that we are an integral part of a larger plan. Spirituality is the recognition that our lives have value in a larger context. One might describe a spiritual experience as sacred, sublime, or as a profound experience of aliveness and connection.

Spirituality, then, can be defined as how we discover and express meaning and the way we live our lives, our relationship to the present moment, others, nature, and the meaningful or sacred.

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Is There any Relationship between Happiness and Spirituality?

First and foremost, we should all be clear about one thing spiritual people cannot be good performers in their daily lives. Instead, they are more productive and aware of their surroundings and themselves. When one is spiritual, they make a genuine connection with something greater than themselves, which may produce feelings of calm, awe, contentment, appreciation, and acceptance. Moreover, it also enhances emotional well-being and positivity. Positive emotions or feelings of pleasure characterize the state of happiness.

A spiritual person continuously learns new things, tries to forgive, finds positivity in everything, and is more conscious and attentive. This all leads to happiness. So being spiritually stable means, you are more happy and content. You know your purpose; you know what you are doing and why you are doing so. In addition to your happiness, you also want to spread it to others. Your unique concept of spirituality, like your sense of purpose, may evolve through time as you adjust to new experiences and relationships. When you are spiritually high, you constantly ask yourself questions like, "Am I a good person?", "Is everything that happens for a reason?", "What is my relationship with the rest of the world?", "How can I live my life to its fullest potential?.

By answering these questions, a person understands his/her purpose, believes in equality, and is connected to a more significant, everlasting force. Thus, a more spiritual person is happier and more fulfilled. Spirituality allows a person to be more receptive to pleasant sensations and emotions.

What are the Benefits of Spirituality?

There are many health benefits related to spirituality. Following are some of them.

Emotional well-being has improved

Spiritual people, according to studies, have a more positive outlook and live happier, more productive lives. They can cope with physical or mental suffering and other life challenges by promoting tight family and friendship relationships. They are emotionally and mentally strong to see the good behind everything.

Have a Strong Immune System

When you practice spirituality, your brain may be flooded with chemicals that boost your immune system. How? 

When you are cheerful and content, you are stress-free and don't feel any negativity. Consequently, your body releases good chemicals, which positively impact your immune system.

Low risk of having any Disease

Stress is fundamentally the cause of every disease. When spirituality and positive sentiments are present, the possibility of stress is reduced, leading to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and improved immunity. 

Possibility of Longevity

Some of the excellent side effects of spirituality can be transferred to healthier lifestyle choices. Thus spirited individuals live longer than others.

Fitness and Increased Self-Awareness

The benefits of spirituality may include self-confidence and improved mental attitude, which contribute to better self-care. When a person is mentally fit, then he/she is more aware of himself/herself and can perform physical activities to improve fitness. 

How to Achieve High Spirituality?

As we see the benefits of spirituality, you can incorporate some of these techniques into your daily routine to achieve spirituality.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are the most straightforward practices you can perform on a daily basis to achieve spirituality. They can help you feel peaceful and clear-headed while improving your concentration and attentiveness. They are both effective for your mental and physical health. You can get help from experts by joining different free online yoga and meditation courses on the OmidLife platform. Practicing meditation and yoga under expert guidance help you achieve benefits beyond your expectation. Try it by yourself.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing or breathing with awareness has as many benefits as meditation and yoga. Because breathing is the source of our life, and when we breathe with full attention, we breathe out our tension, stress, and negativity. We make ourselves relax. We usually do this practice unintentionally during a problematic situation. But mindful breathing is more than a single stress-free exhale. Omidlife also has different courses on conscious breathing to help you achieve an excellent healthy physical and mental state.

Practice Gratitude

Your life will change significantly if you increase your thankfulness. The Universe will give you more to be thankful for by expressing more gratitude. Because teaching yourself to be more appreciative can increase your general happiness. Moreover, practicing gratitude can help you feel more good emotions, reduce sadness, boost your self-esteem, improve relationships, and strengthen your immune system.


Writing a journal is a contemplative activity that may help you become more aware of your inner existence and to feel more connected to the world around you. But many people overlook this method. On the other hand, writing through difficult times can help you find meaning in life's struggles and become more resilient.

Spend Time In Nature

It is also one of the simple and easy practices to achieve spirituality. That is, spend some time in nature. Experience the calmness in that, the greenery, the birds, and everything around you. Pay attention to what you see around you and how unique all of them are, how manageable they are, and how they follow a consistent routine. Be grateful for what you have, everything you are feeling, and everything you are sensing. The practices of achieving spirituality are highly interlinked. One approach automatically leads to another. If you are mindful, you will instantly learn to recognize and relish life's joys.

Forgiveness is the Best Medicine 

We ignore forgiveness very quickly. The act of forgiveness is different for everyone. Forgiveness brings you peace and helps you to go on with your life. If someone has harmed you, I am sure the event will stick with you forever, but forgiveness can help you break free from your hold. People who practice spirituality are encouraged to let go of guilt and negative ideas. Moreover, it will help to reduce feelings of anger or hurt.

Help Others

When you help people, knowing that you're having a positive effect on the world is deeply satisfying. Therefore, people who help others and give back to their communities are often happy and positive. Moreover, giving nature leads to high spirituality. Also, this helps to have a strong sense of self-esteem and overall psychological well-being. 

Final Thoughts

The Laws of the spiritual world are as simple as we think. In a spiritual world, you know yourself; you know your purpose. And when you are self-aware, you are content, optimistic, and with a goal, then you are happy with your life. Thus spirituality and happiness are linked together. 

Yes, you can achieve happiness in spirituality, and it has so many benefits, including physical and mental benefits. People mistakenly believe that spirituality means religion, which is incorrect. Anyone can be Spiritually aware. Spirituality is expressed exclusively by an individual's incorporation of powerful strength.

Spiritual people make better decisions, and they know how to alleviate the suffering of painful situations. And they know the rule of let go, to live happily.