What Are The Benefits Of Conscious Love In a Relationship?

"A conscious love relationship is one in which you are deliberate about the type of relationship you want. It gives you a transparent way to think about what you want in a relationship. "

Let's talk about the purpose of a relationship. Why do we seek it? Why do we need it? What is conscious love in a relationship?

Love is the basic ingredient of our life. And we know love demands nothing. We are now living in a very fast and technology-oriented world. That’s why we usually don’t think about things or spend time on them. 

Everything is fast and impulsive. Especially in relationships nowadays, what usually happens to us is, that we simply meet someone. We feel attraction, passion, and excitement and we fall in love. Then we thought we would live happily ever after. 

But in contrast, all that love, passion, and excitement fizzle down with time. Then we don't even recognize each other. We are surprised and wonder who this person is. In fact, we become frustrated and annoyed and find ourselves falling out of love just as quickly as we fell in love. This doesn't stop here.

Afterward, we move on to the next one and the same cycle repeats itself. At the start, we feel everything fresh and exciting and when the haze begins to clear, we are once again confronted with the reality of this person who is riddled with flaws and incapable of actually making us happy. So, how many times do we need to go from one individual to the next like this? Feeling unhappy, disappointed, and falling in and out of love on a regular basis.

The Old Ways Are No Longer Effective!

First of all, you need to ask yourself the question ”what are you actually looking for?”

Are you looking for someone who will meet all of your requirements? Or do you want someone who will make you feel complete and happy? 

Because if this is your motivation, then you might be going in the wrong direction.

What if you couldn't find anybody who can make you feel complete?

What if there is nobody who can meet all of your needs and desires? What if you couldn't find anybody who can actually make you happy? What if you yourself are the reason behind discontent? What if wholeness, completion, and happiness are qualities that you don't possess? And casting blame on someone else is not only self-serving and cruel but also fruitless.

What Is Conscious Love?

Conscious love, literally, means to be deliberate about the type of relationship you want to be in. Being truly devoted to growth, and stepping out of ego into love comes under conscious love. Unlike other types of relationships, conscious love grows stronger with time with proper conscious communication.

Purpose, Determination, and Intention are the pillars of a conscious relationship. It provides you with transparent thoughts about your requirements from your relationships. You can make the right decisions about how you want to maintain your relationship perfectly. How do you like to feel, love, or be loved? Conscious relationships cater to all these desires and needs.

However, this is merely the beginning. Let’s dig it deep down.

So following are the benefits of conscious love in the relationship.

Radical and Non-Competitive Approach

In the relationship, you are not the competitors against each other. You are a team of two partners who face every challenge together. What if we think about our relationship differently, expecting nothing from our partner but everything from ourselves? Perhaps there would be fewer disappointments. 

Instead, we can value that relationship more because if the goal of the relationship is to put the other person in a position of responsibility for our happiness and pleasure, then the other person is little more than a tool for exploitation. Getting into a relationship with the intention of exploitation causes the only disorder.

So, what can we do to make things better? Rather than trying to make someone else responsible for our happiness, accept responsibility for your own emotional needs. Understand that your personal sense of wholeness is something you can't get from anyone else. And it's possible that you are already whole and complete. 

Conscious love comforts you on your own. You work for yourself. You know your boundaries, feelings, emotions & needs, prioritize your time and activities, and know how to embrace healthy conflicts.


Conscious love gives you a growth mindset. Everyone comes with different baggage of pain loss and suffering. But Conscious living helps you to work on yourself and to learn to do better.

In every relationship, there are good and bad sides but with a growth mindset, you can ignore bad things. You work on the betterment of the relationships. You know you have to face all difficulties and problems as a team. The difficulties are part of your relationship, not the end of it. Conscious love makes relationships strong. It makes you strong as a team, you know how to collaborate and strongly face all life challenges.


Generally, relationships are exclusively motivated by a strong sense of needs that stems from a belief in scarcity, that is, looking for a partner to fill up the gaps in our lives. Conscious relationship, on the other hand, desires nothing more than to give and share.

When we are aware of our own feelings and accept full responsibility for them. We end up having so much love and joy that we feel obligated to share it with others. We are surrounded by so much love and happiness that it spills over into all facets of our lives. We then look for a relationship with which we can work together to achieve our goals. We collaborate to find solutions, share thoughts, and respect each other's opinions, and boundaries.

By doing simple math, we can see that two happy individuals equal double the happiness.

Acceptance and Appreciation In Conscious Love

Conscious relationships are built on the premise that everyone has their own unique path. We are all accountable for our own happiness. The sole purpose of a relationship is not to exploit one another, but to share what we have discovered within ourselves. And to learn, develop, and cultivate that, in order to support and encourage others for their personal growth.

Part of us also accepts and recognizes that we aren't perfect and that we still have so many areas to work on. By acknowledging and accepting this in ourselves, we acknowledge and accept this in your partner too. When we are flawed, we often desire perfection in another person.

However, in conscious love, we acknowledge and accept our flaws, and only aim to improve ourselves. And what's great about this type of partnership is that it provides us with so many opportunities for personal development.

It requires a conscious relationship with another person to shed light on the areas within ourselves that really need our attention. So instead of seeing certain aspects of a relationship as unfulfilling, unsatisfactory, or frustrating, we can see them as opportunities for our personal growth.

Every situation in life provides us with an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Start practicing and going deeper with Omidlife’s online conscious living courses. They have top international teachers for you. They help you to find the way in your life and progress. Every relationship has to go through challenges. But it's the attitude towards life that we need to learn for growth and to tear down all the barriers that lower our self-worth. It's up to us to remove all hurdles and clear our path toward healthy conscious living. We can be totally in love, enjoy our freedom, and express our authenticity through the conscious love strategy.