What Is Tantra Yoga?

"Tantra Yoga is a combination of different yogic and meditative practices. The fusion of these routines provides a true understanding of our inner selves"

Tantra has always been a contentious topic. It is frequently misunderstood to be solely about sex.

But, in reality, it is about much more than just sexuality and enhancing relationships. It's actually about identifying the divine energies and channeling their power in your spiritual and physical growth. 

Tantra is about harnessing the body's subtle energies to promote spiritual and physical well-being. Through the study of these energies and their connection to the universe, we can get a new perspective on our relationships with others and discover the true meaning of life.

The Science Behind Tantra Yoga

Tantra is a spiritual science that connects us to our universe through a holistic wisdom link. The basic term "Tan'' means "to weave, expand, or manifest,". The name "Tantra '' is derived from the base word “Tan”. Everything in our universe, including ourselves, is a part of the "cosmic weave," which is made up of many energies that develop and evolve over time. Understanding this divine link will help us go deeper into our souls and experience enlightenment. Different energies dispersed around the universe constitute the basic science of Tantra Yoga. 

Benefits of Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is a combination of different yogic and meditative practices. The fusion of these routines provides a true understanding of our inner selves. The ultimate goal of tantra yoga, however,  is to find divinity and spiritual liberation. Following are some benefits one can achieve by practicing tantra yoga regularly.

  • Peace of Mind - Tantra Yoga has proven great to acquire peace of mind. The practice of Tantra yoga requires full focus. Thus giving you time to connect, reflect and destress.
  • Confidence Boost - The tantra routine provides you control over your mental and physical energies. This control boosts self-confidence.
  • Reduced Stress - It helps in calming down the mind. You unleash and release the negative energies during this yoga practice. Which, in turn, lowers stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Better Sleep - The tantra yoga not only provides you control over your physical abilities when awake. But it also enhances your sleeping routine. You have a better sleep pattern if you include tantra yoga in your routine. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.
  • Awareness of the Universe - Tantra is all about the different energies of the universe. Indulging in this practice makes you more aware of the universe. This awareness of the universe helps you find your purpose in life.
  • Improved Spirituality - It widens your thinking range from the physical world to the spiritual realm. It allows you to understand the spiritual and material world better.
  • Physical Fitness - Tantra yoga is very beneficial for the body. Along with a fit mind and body, it helps reduce the body and back pain that is very common these days.
  • Better Relationships - It also helps enhance your relationships.

Tips And Tricks Of Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is a fusion of different practices.  Breathwork, meditation, chakra, yoga poses, and chanting together constitutes tantra yoga. It is not a set of hard poses that only the experts can do. Anyone can effectively add tantra yoga to their routine and experience its magical results. However, here are some common tips and tricks for beginners.

  • Start with a slow and easy pose. Yoga is all about poses. You won't be able to achieve perfection in one day. But you will eventually master the art of Tantra by practicing it.
  • The most important thing in any yoga practice is breathwork. So, focus on your breathing.
  • Wear something comfy to execute the poses easily.
  • Choose the right partner. Despite the fact that tantric yoga is not about sex, it may be a deeply personal and emotional experience. Team up with someone with whom you are at ease to maximize the benefits of tantra.

Poses for Tantra Yoga

Like traditional yoga, Tantra Yoga also has different poses. Every tantra yoga teacher will take you through a particular set of movements, meditations, chanting, chakra work, and breathing exercises. There are plenty of popular poses for tantra yoga.

 We will discuss some of the poses for you to start with.

Mountain Pose

The Tadasana pose is the simplest way to experience the benefits of tantra yoga.

Stand tall with feet hip distance apart. Position your arms by the sides with palms facing in. Lift the upper things and lengthen your tailbone. Bring the arms overhead on inhaling and lower them on exhale. Focus on your breathing pattern during the pose. As simple as that!

Sacred Seal Pose 

Indulge in spiritual growth with the sacred seal pose. 

Sit cross-legged. Bring your hands into your lap and form a downward-pointing triangle with your fingertips and thumb. Close your eyes, and exhale completely. On inhale, raise the arms above your shoulder height and bring the hands down in the lap on exhale. Repeat the pattern to sense the waves of joy spreading across your body!

Hand-On-Heart Pose 

Sense a stronger bond with your partner and strengthen your courtship with the hand-on-heart pose.

Face each other while sitting cross-legged. Put your right hand on your partner's heart and ask them to do the same. Then each of you places your left hand on the right hand of your partner. Close your eyes and focus on the connection. Feel the heartbeat and harmonize breathing for a sublime experience. 

Warrior Pose 

Channel your inner warrior in this pose and feel the urge to fight your frights.

Put the left foot in front of the right one, like you are taking a step forward. Now bend the left knee a bit while keeping the right leg straight. Stack both your hands on the navel as the basic pose. Now breathe in and lift your arms up to your shoulder height. Try expanding your chest and straightening your spine on an inhale. Breath out and take the hands back to the abdomen. Repeat the pose at least 5 times.

Fire Essence Pose 

It's an easy and very effective pose for beginners. 

Stand straight. Set your feet hip distance apart. Now bend your knees a little bit. Put your hands on your lower thighs. Don't put your hands on your knees. Keeping the back straight, take a breath and lift the tailbone creating an arch in the lower back. On an exhale, bring the tailbone back to its original position. Try to hold the exhales for a longer period of time while repeating the practice. Repeat the pose at least 6 times. 

Empty Lakebed Pose

Just as the name says, the empty lakebed pose is about imitating the pattern of an empty lakebed to channel the natural gravitational force for physical well-being. 

Lay down on your back. Stretch both your arms above your head and interlace the fingers of both your hands. Breath in and try lengthening your spine. Now exhale and turn the palms away from your head and lower the chin to your collarbone. Draw the belly in and lift the chest higher from the waist. Repeat the pose 4 to 5 times. 

Some Final Words

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