What is Maithuna Tantra Practice?

"Maithuna is also known as sacred sex or ritual sex. It is the fifth part of Pancha Makara, often known as the "Five Ms" in Tantric practice."

The word Maithuna is a Sanskrit word that means "sexual union".  IMaithuna does not refer only to sexual relationships. It encompasses a wide range of experiences. It is believed to symbolize the union of male and female energies.

Maithuna is also known as sacred sex or ritual sex. It is the fifth part of Pancha Makara, often known as the "Five Ms" in Tantric practice.

The Five Ms are as follows:

  1. Madya - Wine
  2. Matsya - Fish
  3. Mamsa - Meat
  4. Mudra - Parched grain
  5. Maithuna - Sexual intercourse

In Hinduism, Maithuna is a transformational ceremony in which the man and woman execute it as deities: the male as Shiva and the lady as Shakti. The man's kundalini shakti is awakened by the energy generated while executing Maithuna with breath control techniques.

It is claimed that as a man or woman's creative force is released, they are brought to a higher state of consciousness. In contrast to many other traditions, Tantra encourages sex as a method for attaining enlightenment.

Maithuna Tantra

Maithuna Tantra is a transformational rite. In the Maithuna Tantra, the rite is meant to produce pleasure and transcendental joy, but the pleasure must not be of the ego; when the couple embraced, they did so as deities, not as humans.  As an image of an erotically engaged couple who isn't actively engaging in sexual activity, the Maithuna holds auspicious meanings attached to its connotations of fertility, creativity, and procreation.

Maithuna is normally performed in a circle of initiates, with a guru guiding them. Meditation, yogic postures, mantra recitation, visualization of yantras (diagrams of lines and colors that symbolize the cosmos), and the summoning of a complete number of deities or devatas are all possible components created by the coupling of Shiva and Shakti. It is preferable for the partners to remain motionless. . In most Tantric rituals the primary exchange between the couples is thought to be sexual energy.

Advantages of Maithuna Tantra

  • Maithuna Tantra practice will cause your orgasms to become more frequent, and you will experience many orgasmic experiences.
  • Couples begin to focus on letting sexual energy flow through them rather than focusing on one particular climax.
  • The primary physical advantage of Maithuna Tantra practice is several orgasms, which can help you live a better life by alleviating stress and despair by releasing endorphins.
  • Women who engage in Maithuna Tantra practice become less anxious about missing their orgasms and instead allow them to occur more spontaneously, often surprising them. Whereas, Men who practice Maithuna Tantra practice can have several orgasms, delayed ejaculation, and extended pleasure beyond the climax itself by prolonging the act of intercourse.
  • Longer intimacy improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the immune system.
  • lessened anxiety, despair, or stress
  • Sleep quality improves as a result of a better understanding and love for oneself.

Maithuna Tantra Pose

While there are many various positions in this practice. The Maithuna, which aligns both partners' energy chakras, is the easiest for beginners. The woman moves onto the man's lap, sits down, and faces him in this position.

The man penetrates the woman and the duo locks thighs as they sway together with the aforementioned rocking that occurred from shared breath. The woman then places the man's right hand between her shoulder blades on her back, with his left hand supporting her buttocks.

The woman rests her left hand between the shoulder blades on the man's back, while her right rests on the sacrum, completing the alignment of their energy chakras. Then take a deep breath, gazing into each other's eyes, while you sway back and forth.

Maithuna Tantra Practice -  The Energy of the Subtle Body

The Energy of the Subtle Body is a type of energy that is found in the human body.

Tantra envisions a complex system of channels, or Nadis, within the material human body bringing energy from the transcendental universe that enters through the crown of the head. The subtle body is a system that re-radiates a portion of its collected energy to create the self-generated illusion that the material body perceives as reality. Radiation is regarded as waste, and it is sometimes depicted as a rat sucking at the Tantrika.

The inner radiations of the subtle body condense as chakras (wheels) or padmas at various locations along the material body's center (lotuses). Chakras are located at the base of the spine, the genitals, the navel, the heart, the throat, between the eyes, and at the summit of the head, according to Hindu Tantra (there are more in some classification systems). Each chakra refers to a higher level of consciousness.

Kundalini Energy and Enlightenment

The kundalini is a coiled serpent-like sexual energy that sits within the body. The practitioner should massage and focus entirely on your carnal desires in order to awaken that desire inside you. The Tantrika re-creates the marriage of the god and goddess within himself by waking the normally sleeping serpent and causing it to shoot up through the body to the crown.

Couples can also activate each other's kundalini by sitting so close together that one partner's chest rests on the back of the other. This helps energize both kundalinis for the act of love-making by rubbing their partner's body at nine spots.

In the human subtle body, sexual dualism manifests as two nerve channels. The red Ida runs along the left side of the spine and represents female creative force, the moon, and, eventually, the void and knowledge. The grey Pingala is the male creative force, relating to the sun and, eventually, compassion and practicality. It flows to the right of the spinal cord. The individual will stay imprisoned in the cycle of death and rebirth as long as these two channels remain separate. Combining these polarities within the body is considered by Buddhists as a technique of canceling them out and bringing the individual closer to the state of the void.

Breathwork and Imagination

The yogic skills of breath control, together with the energy generated during real or imagined intercourse with a female partner, stimulate the man's kundalini, which blends with his unshed semen to make translated semen. Like the fetus, it is made up of five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and its formation in the body symbolizes conception.

Translated semen splits from the two sexual channels and becomes avadhutika, the cleansed one, and leads to the top chakra and ultimately to the lotus on top of the head. There, it integrates all of the elements that make it up, as well as the practitioner's male and female aspects. In order to unify the many components of the self, the Tantrika employs ceremonial intercourse to fuel a kind of internal alchemy, mixing spiritual energy with material (unshed) semen.

The Essence and Conclusion

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