What is Yoni Tantra?

"Yoni is a Sanskrit word that literally means "womb.""

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that literally means "womb." Yoni is a portrayal of female genitalia that is a symbol of generative power in Hinduism and represents the goddess Shakti. It describes the Yoni Puja, or "Mass of the Vulva," a secret and esoteric Tantric ritual for making and consuming the sacred fluid known as Yoni Tattva. 'The Yoni - Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power,' by Rufus Camphausen, breaks down the sounds of the word Yoni:

Y – The heart, the genuine self within, the animating spirit.

O - Optimism, preservation

N - Lotus, maternity, menstruation, nakedness, emptiness, and pearl

I - Love, desire, consciousness, to shine, to pervade, agony and sorrow

And the word tantra is a combination of two words "Tattva" and "Mantra". Mantra is the science of mystic sounds and vibrations, while tattva is the knowledge of cosmic principles. Tantra is defined as the use of cosmic science with the goal of achieving a deeper spiritual connection.

So combining Yoni Tantra, Yoni is the sacred womb or female genitalia, and we worship the divine yoni by reciting hidden mantras through Tantra.

We will discuss it in detail here.

What is Yoni Tantra? 

Yoni Tantra is a spiritual rite that originated thousands of years ago in India. This ceremony can be conducted in a number of different ways. A key requirement for worshiping Yoni is purifying the mind of worldly beliefs about Yoni, as well as the shame and guilt that most of us feel. The yoni worship shows reverence for the mystery of the universe, Shakti, the holy mother. The ceremony can be done on a symbol, such as a sculpture or anything depicting a yoni. A woman can perform yoni worship for herself with the help of a practitioner or guru. When performed on an actual yoni, it is highly potent. It is also quite wonderful to perform on a symbol if you are not familiar with it or if the settings are not suitable. Certain sentences are customarily included in the yoni worship.

What are the Benefits of Yoni Tantra?

If the devotee carries out Yoni Puja using fearful methods, he or she is certain to obtain what is requested. When you do Puja to the Great Yoni, the deliverer from the ocean of anguish, you will experience increased life and energy. Moreover, it has the following benefits 

  • The aura of a Yoni tantra performer can be enhanced and they can attract people of the opposite gender.
  • Yoni tantra performers have the ability to boost the vigor of her and his genital organs.
  • A Yoni woman will get the essence of the lotus flower as a result of doing the Yoni Tantra, and her yoni will become alive and able to move like a butterfly.
  • The performer while doing Yoni Tantra will be able to link with cosmic energy and absorb the cosmic energy that is all around them.
  • She/he can mesmerize anyone for a relationship, coupling, intercourse, etc. via Yoni Tantra.
  • Yoni tantra strengthens the ability to control carnal desires, and the desire can be channeled in a different way to help them to reach their life goals.
  • A couple's relationships improve, and they live happier lives.

Where to start?

The mind is an important part of the human body. So to go deep in spirituality you need your whole body, soul, and mind. So it is really necessary to free your mind and focus on the present moment. 

That is why our first step is to be mentally prepared.

Prepared your Mind

An open mind and heart are essential for you to succeed in the exercise. Let go of any preconceived notions or judgments regarding what you might encounter. Warm up for a few minutes with breathing exercises. If you've never tried tantric techniques before, you may need to devote more time to the initial phases.

Deep, slow, and audible breaths are inhaled and exhaled. Push air into and out of your belly button. Throughout the practice, you'll want to keep these breathing strategies in mind.

Make sure your area is ready

You can make your area on your bed, on the floor, or on another comfortable and pleasant piece of furniture. You can also add pillows and blankets to help make a soft base. You can put the lights down or light candles to assist create the atmosphere. 

Make Sure Your Body is Ready

When you feel you're ready to get started, place a pillow beneath your back and another beneath your head. Kneel down and place your feet on the ground. Slowly open your legs to reveal the vaginal opening. Warm-up the body by stroking it sensually. Massage your stomach and abdomen. The message provides you with great pleasure and sensuality.

Try Massage Techniques

Each person's Yoni massage is different. You can use cupping, circling, pushing and pulling, tugging, and rolling techniques as per your yoni guru advice.

What are Yoni Tantra Positions?

In addition to massage techniques, there are different positions to try. If you want you can practice this solo. You or your spouse can try tantric positions to promote bonding and stimulation in addition to unique massage techniques. Solo yoni tantra is a fantastic technique. It's crucial to relax and prepare for massage by finding a comfortable position to do different poses for yoni yoga.


  • Sit with your back straight and your legs crossed.
  • Place your hands on your knees, palms down.
  • Begin by inhaling and exhaling softly from your stomach.

Heart on Hand

  • Sit with your legs crossed and your back straight.
  • Place your right hand gently over your heart.
  • Close your eyes for a moment. Begin to feel the beat of your heart with your hand. Concentrate on the energy and emotion associated with experiencing your heart.
  • Breathe deeply, enabling your hand and heart to become more connected.


If you are with your partner, any position might have tantric potential with a partner. Spooning is excellent for both new and experienced practitioners.

  • Begin by resting on your left side on a comfy surface such as a bed or padded floor with your partner.
  • The "small" spoon should be the one receiving the massage.
  • Arrange your heart and stomach in a straight line.
  • Breathe deeply, attempting to connect through breathing in unison.

Final Words

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