A woman with bedroom secrets: LOVE MAKING TIPS

Day 1

Claim Power Over Your Pleasure...

Day 2

How to get HIGH in the Bedroom...

Day 3

I looked at my vagina for the first time...

Day 4

Pain in Breast Before Your Period...

Day 5

Pain with Penetration? Here's 1 technique you should try...

Day 6

Powerful Practice To Stop Judging your Vagina...

Day 7

Vibrat0rs do something you don't know...

Day 8

How to Have Longer Love Making...

Arja Hendrikx

Hi, I am Arja

When people first meet me nowadays, they believe I have always felt confident in my body. That I've always been super sexual and in touch with my own pleasure.

But they couldn't be more wrong!

In fact, I used to feel very ashamed in my own skin, of my body. I rarely felt orgasmic and I thought that feeling sore after sex was normal.

When I discovered Sexual Tantra, I found out how wrong I was! I discovered I could become

a sexual initiatress.

I started to be orgasmic, enjoy hours of lovemaking, and learned how to express myself sexually, exactly the way I wanted and needed!

Now, years later, I have helped hundreds of women to radically transform their sex lives, have the intimate relationships of their dreams, and get in touch with their own sexuality so that they feel powerful and free in their own bodies.

And now it's your turn.

Course Description

Tantra yoga improves a person's spiritual and physical wellness by utilizing all of the body's energies. This also aids in the development of better interpersonal interactions and a greater sense of purpose in life. Furthermore, it will increase your sensuality and connection with your partner. This course is specially designed for women who want to regain their feminine energy. For all those women who are ready to blossom when it comes to dating, romance, and relationships. Moreover, this course will help them to

  • Conscious communication
  • High Self-esteem
  • Set boundaries with confidence without shutting down your softness
  • The power of femininity
  • Improved orgasm

Equipment: none

Body focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Course Price

Under Subscription

Course Type

Teacher Course