Awakening is about letting go by Alan Watts

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Omid Life

Omidlife is a unique global holistic platform, offering different courses of meditation and yoga. From relieving stress to enhancing your physical health and treating depression to finding your spiritual side, you could find all types of courses at OmidLife. It wishes to be a global pioneer through its mission of spreading teachings of how to grow spiritually inside and out. Omidlife helps you to integrate a holistic lifestyle.

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So long as you are trying to make progress, you will go up, but up always implies down. So while you are trying to get better and better and better that means when you get to the best, you can only go on to the worst. And so you go round and round and round ever chasing the illusion that there is something outside yourself, Outside your here and now, to be obtained that will make things better. And the thing is to recover from that illusion.'

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