Conscious Communication

Day 1

How to Have Conscious Communication ...

Day 2

How to Stop Storming out of an Argument & Take Space in a Connected Way...

Day 3

Request vs Demand - What Are The Differences...

Day 4

How to Deal with Someones Defensiveness...

Day 5

How to Deal with your Defensiveness part 1...

Day 6

How to Deal with your Defensiveness part 2...

Day 7

How We Hide from Ourselves & Others...

Day 8

How to Stop Caring What Other People Think...


Justine Baruch is a very talented and experienced relationship coach. Justine did her bachelor’s in psychology. She is a professional yoga master and meditation instructor. She also studied Byron Katie's Work and Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry. Moreover, she also knows Family Constellations, psychodrama, and shadow work.  She has 15 years of experience. Through online counseling and retreats around the world, she has aided thousands of people in making very significant long-term changes. 

Course Description

In this Conscious Communication Course, you will learn

  • The ability to communicate clearly and understand “what you want from your relationship” and “what is important to you”.
  • The ability to communicate in a way that makes another person aware of your needs without imposing any demands on them
  • The ability to recognize and fulfill your needs without exerting any pressure on the other person.

Equipment: None

Body focus: Communication

Difficulty: easy

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Under Subscription

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Teacher Course

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