Daily 8 mins Relaxing Meditation Music 528Hz

Day 1

Meditative Ambience Music Meditation - 8 MINUTES ...

Omid Life

Omidlife is a unique global holistic platform, offering different courses in meditation, yoga, Breathwork,  conscious love, and conscious living. From relieving stress to enhancing your physical health, enhancing positive living to finding your spiritual side, you could find a variety of courses at OmidLife. It wishes to be a global pioneer through its mission of spreading teachings on how to grow non-dogmatic, easy to practice spiritually inside and out available to everyone.  Omidlife helps you to integrate a holistic lifestyle as it offers different courses by experienced teachers around the globe.

Course Description

You can always calm your nerves with music. Different types of music work for different moods. A Healing Music Tone, however, is a special tone that transforms and changes low-vibrational energy (negative energy). Let yourself be carried away by soothing, purifying, healing music. In those moments of presence, you may experience inner tranquility, release, and clarity. It could, on the other hand, motivate, inspire, and propel you to new levels of happiness and fulfillment. In this course, you just have to spare 8 minutes for yourself and listen to healing meditative music. These eight min can do miracles. You can try it by yourself. It not only gives you a soothing and relaxing experience also gives you the opportunity to followig.

  • Encourage your body to purge and let go of what is no longer needed on a mental, emotional, and physical level.
  • Recharge the LIGHT within you.
  • Activating and Upgrading your cells and your consciousness.
  • Opening up your Heart.
  • Expanding and sharpening your Awareness
  • Know the self-worth
  • Relief all tension and stress

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