Deepening into Intimacy

Day 1

Sex tip that will create deeper intimacy...

Day 2

Create more Sacredness in the Bedroom...

Day 3

How to not kill the mood in bed...

Day 4

Powerful practice to blow your heart open...

Arja Hendrikx

Arja Hendrikx is a Tantric Sensuality Instructor. She'll show you how to transform your lovemaking from ordinary to amazing. She teaches Tantra yoga as a way to deepen intimacy. She will help you to feel powerful and free in your own bodies. Furthermore, she will help you increase the depth, and quality of your relationships by embracing self-love and enhancing good relationships.

Course Description

Tantra yoga improves a person's spiritual and physical wellness by utilizing all of the body's energies. This also aids in the development of better interpersonal interactions and a greater sense of purpose in life. Furthermore, it will increase your sensuality and connection with your partner. The purpose of this course is to teach how to achieve success holistically as well as how tantra relates to sexuality. Also, it helps you to take control of your pleasure, body, and orgasms. In addition, you will get additional benefits from this course are

  • Getting inside the Physical intimacy Retreat
  • Loneliness is alleviated
  • Getting over body shame and regaining confidence in your own skin.
  • Feel more connected to your inner lady by allowing you to grow deeper into your softness.

Equipment: none

Body focus: All

Difficulty: intermediate

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Course Price

Under Subscription

Course Type

Teacher Course

Course Teacher

Arja Hendrikx