Hands balance preparation. Wrist and shoulder opener.

Day 1

Wrist opener ...

Day 2

Shoulders opener...

Day 3

Hands Balance ...

David Fraile

David Fraile is a Hatha and Ashtanga yoga instructor, a circus artist, and a yoga nomad teacher who tours the world. He enjoys teaching students techniques for arm balance and handstands. He believes that yoga is much more than asanas, which is why he begins his lessons by remembering the fundamental purpose of yoga; his goal is to instill in us the belief that we can do yoga at any time. His classes are physically and mentally demanding, and he delivers them in English and Sanskrit with his chosen music, as well as a lot of demonstration and hands-on assistance. His ambition is to continue immersing himself in a yogic lifestyle. Each of his lessons instills a sense of openness and freedom in you.

Course Description

Hand balance preparation is a 3 lesson course. This course is beneficial to open, reinforce and stretch your wrists and shoulders to prepare them for hand balance. Before starting to practice balancing asanas the strong use of the wrist is important. 

In this course of 3 videos, David gives you essential information and exercises for the wrist and shoulders. Enjoy the course! 

This course includes a wrist opener, shoulder opener, and hand balance

Equipment: Yoga mat

Body Focus: wrist and hand

Difficulty: easy

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Course Price

Under Subscription

Course Type

Teacher Course

Course Teacher

David Fraile