Journey through Chakras and Elements

Day 1

Introduction and the first chakra: Muladhara...

Day 2

Exercice: connect to the earth and Muladhara chakra...

Day 3

The Water element and the second chakra: Svadhistana...

Day 4

Exercice: connect to the water element...

Day 5

The Fire element and the third chakra: Manipura...

Day 6

Exercice: connect to the fire element...

Day 7

The Air element and the fourth chakra: Anahata...

Day 8

Exercice: connect to the heart chakra...

Day 9

Higher chakras and final considerations...

Marco & Amita

Aum Tantra Yoga is a international academy of traditional Tantra Yoga but with a modern approach

Course Description

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are the elements we are made of as human beings, they make up our physical and energetic structure. The elements are deeply connected to the first 4 chakras and through them they affect the body, energy and the quality of mind.


  1. improved health and wellbeing
  2. increased openess and memory
  3. faster ability to heal: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally
  4. positive outlook

Equipment: Yoga mat

Body focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Course Price

Under Subscription

Course Type

Teacher Course