Opening Your Heart by Connecting to Your essence

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Karolin Tsarski

Karolin Tsarski is a renowned Tantra Yoga practitioner and a strong believer that pleasure is the source from which we all originate. She took a different course that positively influenced her and helped her connect with her womb wisdom. Currently, she assists other women in finding their inner wisdom. Sharing her experiences and teachings can help them become strong as they use her practices and teachings to connect to themselves, to their own womb wisdom. Which is already there, just waiting to be awakened. According to her, we all possess the true teacher within us. The techniques she shares help women connect to their true selves, flourish, shine, and radiate!

Course Description

Women have a plethora of concerns relating to their breasts. Whether they are too small, too large, too diverse in shape, too sagging, and so on. Yet our hearts and our breasts are truly our center of being, where our energetic heart resides. We can feel unconditional love, as well as pleasure and orgasms, from here.

Breasts are extremely clever. We destroy the connection to our heart, and our own femininity, and ruin our relationship with ourselves when we continuously judge our breasts.

Breast massage is an excellent technique to rekindle and enhance your bond with your breasts. It also aids in hormonal balance, energizing our heart center, and aiding lymph node cleaning.

Many harmful pollutants may enter our breast area through the use of deodorants, and the usage of bras, particularly wired bras, blocks the energy in our breasts. As a result, rubbing the breasts can assist to detoxify them and release trapped energy.

Massage also releases oxytocin, a hormone associated with love, caring, and connection. As a result, massaging your breasts is a beneficial exercise both physically and mentally.

Our breasts have a direct link to your yoni as well. You must first open your heart before you can genuinely open your yoni. As a result, increasing your heart's awareness, sensitivity, and openness will lead to deeper internal pleasure.

  • Equipment: none
  • Body Focus: breasts
  • Difficulty: easy

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Karolin Tsarski