The Tantric Woman

Day 1

Unleash your feminine power...

Day 2

Your love ritual...

Marco & Amita

Aum Tantra Yoga is a international academy of traditional Tantra Yoga but with a modern approach

Course Description

Tantra yoga engages with the body's subtle energies to promote spiritual and physical well-being. These energies provide a new window into our relationships with others and our purpose in life. This will not only enhance your sex life yet this is only one facet of the situation. Moreover, this course helps you to

  • Feel immensely powerful, centered, liberated, rebellious, sweet, loving, utterly dazzling, and magnetic after unleashing this enormous potential of energy that you have hidden deep within your body.
  • Feel robust and healthy.
  • Deeply relaxed and in tune with oneself.
  • Being comfortable in your skin and loving your body as it is.
  • Channel this highly powerful force towards the high chakras in order to progress spiritually.

Equipment: None

Body focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Course Price

Under Subscription

Course Type

Teacher Course