Therapeutic Yoga with Backmitra

Day 1

Therapeutic Yoga with Backmitra (Dorsal Area) 40 minutes...

Day 2

Therapeutic Yoga with Backmitra (Lumbar Area) 35 minutes...

Lili Molina

Lili Molina is a Yoga teacher, a Peace Meditation Coach, and a traveler. She started practicing and learning yoga in 2011. According to her, Yoga is a philosophy of life. Yoga is like ToltecayotL, the art of good living. Yoga is making every day a piece of art. Lili Invites you to enjoy this endless learning path with her. Let your heart guide your perception of everything. Get in touch with your inner being and intuition. Together, let's create that union of body, mind, and soul.

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Course Description

The purpose of therapeutic yoga is to prevent, decrease, or alleviate pain, suffering, or limitations caused by structural, physiological, emotional, and spiritual disorders, using yoga postures and practices. This course is also designed for you if you are dealing with a medical problem or an unhealthy lifestyle. It includes different yoga poses according to your level of practice and helps you heal. This course will help you to

  • Improve heart health
  • Ease back pain
  • Help you lose weight
  • Deal with anxiety, stress, depression
  • Counter negative thoughts
  • Revive energy
  • Physical, emotional, and mental stress reliever

Equipment: Yoga mat

Body Focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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Course Type

Teacher Course

Course Teacher

Lili Molina