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Tantra is frequently misinterpreted as purely sexual. But there's more to it than that. It is the skill of recognizing and channeling your life energy in order to assist you in spiritual and physical growth. Using the body's subtle energies to enhance spiritual and physical well-being is a good approach to start. Knowledge of these energies and how they interact can lead us down a new path to a better understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

True Nature of Love Intensive course, will transform your relationship for the better when you and your partner share time together exploring, healing, and opening up to each other and to the world around you. You will experience transformative deep love, sexuality, and pleasure at your core. Moreover, this course helps you to

  • Find back the flair in your relationship.
  • Improve your sexual well-being and advance towards a healthy and deep relationship with your partner.
  • Deepen and enhance your physical and emotional connection.
  • The safe healing of old traumas, so that we do not remain adrift
  • Raise your Kundalini and Sexual Energy through practicing tantra yoga together.
  • Resolve and Avoid conflict altogether
  • Reconnect with your heart

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