Vinyasa Yoga - Intermediate Course

Day 1

Lesson 1 Hip Opening sequence ...

Day 2

Lesson 2 challenging Vinyasa Forward Folds ...

Day 3

Lesson 3 challenging Vinyasa backbends sequence ...

David Fraile

As a result of my personal practice, my teachers and the different

disciplines that I study each of my lessons gives you a sense of spaciousness and freedom. Yoga is much

more than asanas, that's why I start my classes remembering the true meaning of yoga, my goal is to

give a sense that we can always do yoga. My lessons are challenging physically and psychologically

delivering in English and Sanskrit with my selected music including a lot of demonstration and hands

assists. My goal is to continue going deeply and deeply in a yoguic lifestyle.


Institute of Physical Education N ° 9-016 “Dr. Jorge Coll ”Godoy Cruz,


Title: Senior Technician.


EPSA Training Institute. Federal Capital, Argentina.

Title: Lifeguards in Reservoirs and Rivers of the Province of Mendoza.


200-Hours Teaching Training

Maa Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, India.



Yoga and Acroyoga Teacher

Maa Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, India.

February March 2016.

 Hata Yoga Instructor: antirheumatic, senior daily lessons.

 Acroyoga Workshops 4 days a week. Entering the yogi community.

Project promoted and started by me.

 Encouraged new students come to Maa Yoga Ashram and Acroyoga


Yoga Teacher

Mudra Yoga Studio Studi, Pokara Nepal

April-May 2016

 Ashtanga vinyasa Instructor: into primary serie.

Yoga Teacher

Studio professional of physiotherapist “IL Movimento “

Ferrara, Italy. 2017-2019

 Hata Yoga Instructor: Senior lessons

 Ashtanga vinyasa: 3 different levels, introducing, primary series,

intermediate series.

Yoga Teacher Lausanne Switzerland 2020.

 Hata vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Teacher

Casa OM Mazunte Oaxaca Mexico. 2020-2021

 Power Vinyasa Yoga

David Fraile






Circus: silk, trapezium, jugglingCircus: silk, trapezium, juggling

Slack line.Slack line.


Acroyoga: intermediate/advanceAcroyoga: intermediate/advance


Handstand. Handstand.

Course Description

Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga in which you flow from one pose to the next. Moves from one position to the next at the discretion of the teacher. This shift is timed to correspond with your breathing. It's done as you exhale or inhale, and it gives you the sensation of your breath moving your body. This course is designed for individuals who are aware of the basics of Vinyasa yoga. This will encourage you to go deep into your body and your mind. If you accept the challenge you'll learn how to balance yourself into a wide state of mind-opening the boundaries of your physic body. Moreover, in this course, you will get

  • Endurance and strength training.
  • Stability and balance
  • Cardio workout
  • Lower stress, less anxiety
  • Muscle and joint flexibility
  • Core Strenght

Equipment: Yoga mat

Body focus: All

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Course Type

Teacher Course