What are the Yamas in Yoga

Day 1

Yamas - Ahimsa - Non- Violence - Vinyasa Yoga Class...

Day 2

Yamas - Satya - Purity of Speech and Truthfulness - Vinyasa Yoga Class...

Day 3

Yamas - Asteya - Non-Stealing - Vinyasa Yoga Class ...

Day 4

Yamas - Brahmacharya - Celibacy - Vinyasa Class...

Mareille Outshoorn


My name is Mareille, I’m an Amsterdam (1000+ hour TT) based yoga-instructor on a mission to help others feel great with yoga. I believe that integrating just a little bit of yoga into your life can help you to make some shifts.

After graduating my Bachelor in Sports. I started as a Physical Education Teacher and since 2012 I'm running my own yoga and massage business Mareille Yoga & Massage. I started practicing yoga in 2002 as a way to become more flexible in my body. Later on I found out that yoga was also the key to find inner peace in my restless mind. I found out that the relationship between physical and emotional health is very close. Therefore my teachings are always on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Yoga is now integrated in my daily life in a fundamental way. It helps me with everything in my life. Breath,work, meditation, physical movement, it teaches me to stay connected to my truth, to trust life and to to be a playful. My dream is to inspire you to get the best version of yourself.

Enjoy my classes, love Mareille

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The five Yamas are ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (abstinence) and aparigraha (non-grasping). Each one is vital to spiritual growth and development. Explore all five and discover how each one can inform and enrich your yoga practice. In the YogaSutras, the great Indian sage Patanjali writes about the eight limbs of yoga. In these limbs he creates guidelines for advancing in the yoga life style. They are the steps you climb when you embark upon the amazing journey that is yoga. Through studying and immersing yourself, your yoga and meditation practice will be greatly enhanced and your life deeply enlivened.

Equipment: yoga mat

Body focus: All

Difficulty: easy

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